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Total Campaign Management

Members of our team have led successful campaigns at every level. Our data-driven strategies set us apart from other consultants and make us the leading experts in grassroots campaigning.


  • Establish and manage general timeline

  • Candidate priority and focus assistance

  • Campaign team meeting Management

  • Issue and demographic guidance for campaign messaging

  • Political outreach

  • Provide all necessary maps for research and results analysis


  • Banking and accounting processes

  • Establish on-line donation platform

  • Develop budget & provide updates

  • Data entry & management for all financial requirements

  • Campaign law compliance

  • Assist with general fundraising activities

  • Full fundraising & outreach available at incremental cost


  • Analytics driven target voter database

  • Establish and manage social media and web presence

  • Data entry to establish email communications

  • Manage Robo-calls*

  • Manage online and in person phone banks*

  • Organize volunteers 

  • Data management for walk & phone lists

  • Events calendar and assistance

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